Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Is Shakti?

Anyone who reads anything about Tantra comes across the term Shakti. What is Shakti?
Shakti is the ultimate creative power of the universe. Shakti creates, she is not created. To be able to tap into this creative power is one of the goals of yoga and tantra. The realization of this power in us leads to freedom from limitation and the awakening of a higher life.

Shakti is pulsating, vibrating, throbbing creating power or force. These vibrations create the universe, the Big Bang, and all names and forms. These vibrations are represented as mantras, and when a series of sounds, a garland of letters, is infused with Shakti, the sound is transformed into a potent tool that can awaken the higher mind and reveal knowledge which leads to higher experience. Read more

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