Saturday, June 14, 2008

The 3 Basic Categories of Tantric Sex Techniques

The AT Tantra Tantric Sex site says that the three basic Tantric sex technique categories are the "give and receive" method, the "take" method, and the "modern" method. I've never known anyone who could do the second, but, unfortunately, "teachers" who practice the third to obtain sex and power do exist.
The 3 basic tantra tantric sex technique categories are:
Type 1 - the “give and receive method” - This tantra tantric sex technique involves the couple sharing their "energies" during sex. Think of it like a circle of energy - an electrical circuit if you will. The couple can also "tap into" the energies of the Earth and the Universe/Spirit (which then feeds more energy into this "circuit", and the energy builds and grows). This type of tantra tantric sex technique benefits both partners. That is the basis of the method we recommend and teach. Read more

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