Monday, June 30, 2008

How to Practice Tantric Sex Intimacy Exercises

Anyone can have sex, but it takes something special go from physical activity to intimacy. Sexual intimacy involves the full range of sensual perception including touch, kiss, looks, expressions of endearment, communication, comments, and, of course, intercourse and orgasm. Tantra sex intimacy exercises can help you become more connected to your partner.
Tantric sex is all about intimacy between two partners. Through tantric exercises, we are able to move our own sexual energies throughout our bodies, directing them to the places they will do the most good. We can also learn to tap into the sexual energies of our partners, using those energies to establish deep, soul-level connections. These connections draw us closer together, creating unbreakable bonds of love and devotion. Properly practicing tantric sex exercises is key to achieving this kind of intimacy. Read more

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