Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Semen Retention Harmful?

Times Online sexperts Suzi Godson and Dr. Thomas Stuttaford give advice to a couple who practice Taoist sex without ejaculation and orgasm, and want to know if it is harmful. Suzi Godson answers by dismissing Tantra and Taoism:
I have to admit the whole tantra, mantra, Tao thing eludes me. Regular readers may remember that the last time we got a question such as this I hauled my poor husband to a Tantric sex workshop with disastrous results.
Dr. Stuttaford grudgingly allows that semen retention isn't harmful, but his negative bias shows when he uses the word "glorified" in his response.
The philosophy and disciplines glorified by the terms Tantric and Taoist sex are designed to allow a couple to have long sessions of lovemaking by prolonging the plateau stage of sexual response without having a complete orgasm and ejaculating. Advocates of Taoist and Tantric sex explain that the aim is to maintain a state of ecstasy for as long as physically possible and not to be preoccupied by the need to score an orgasmic goal.

Like Victorian schoolmasters and doctors, who believed that masturbation was a cause and a symptom of criminality and psychiatric disease, the Tantric and Taoist enthusiasts suggest that semen has a value in helping to maintain a man's health and vitality. Their supposition is that if semen is constantly wasted, the luckless fellow will be weakened and risk being reduced to a feeble wreck, a shadow of his former self. You may be assured that this is medical nonsense, and semen retention is not harmful. Read more
Despite their designation as "experts," Godson's and Stuttaford's answers illustrate why you should send your questions about Taoism and Tantra to practitioners - not sex advice columnists.


kri said...

Can you explain what is exactly "semen retention technique", what it is for? How this is done? who can use it? can this be one of solution to premature ejacualtion?

Jennifer Lawless said...

There's nothing to say about semen retention that isn't explained in my post and in the Times. Mastering semen retention exercises would, of course, cure premature ejaculation.

Anonymous said...

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The above is an interesting article which includes many statements regarding the ancient idea that semen contributes to overall health when not wasted too often. said...

Semen retention is excellent training a man in his 50s should undergo. Orgasm denial restricting semen elease to once per week can change a man from impotent to performing as a 17 year old. Longer chastity periods of 30 to 45 days, with a partmer assisting through tease-and-denial, provide for strong, sustained erections in the male.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have been practicing long term ejaculation denial for two years now. This is an important aspect of our intimate relationship and a part my devotion to my wife's sexual enjoyment, specifically the pleasure of orgasm being a privilege only for her to experience. I am allowed to ejaculate during intercourse once on or about the day of each change of seasons, so four time a year. Yoni worship is a powerful tease and denial dynamic for us as is verbal and visual teasing. My wife has also been in a sexual relationship for the past few months with a man with whom she has "conventional" sex, that is he ejaculates during intercourse and oral sex. This sort of thing is not for every couple but for us it feels very natural and balanced.

Daisuke Colson said...

To the dude above "my wife has also been in a ". Fuck that, man. Get grounded. We're people, with feelings and jealousies. SHe should be there for you all the way. You're taking self-denial to a crazy new height. I don't think it's healthy.