Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Have Multiple Orgasms with Tantric Sex

Maya Silverman, author of The Erotic Massage Guide: Unleash the Power of Touch, says that not only do multiple orgasms exist, but that you can use Tantric sex to have one.
The multiple orgasm has become somewhat of a sexual Holy Grail; often eluded to as the ultimate sexual experience, but frustratingly hard to achieve. It seems as though multiple orgasms should be filed away as relationship urban myth, desirable and yet unachievable as it may be.

Yes, Multiple Orgasms Do Exist

However, if you’re a follower of Tantra, a spiritual path that utilizes specific body sensations, vocalizations and movements in order to awaken and channel divine sexual energy, then you not only know that multiple orgasms exist; most likely you experience this intense sexual and spiritual bliss during every lovemaking session!

If you’re ready to awaken your multi-orgasmic potential through the art of tantric practices, then get ready to spice up your sexual life! Read more

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