Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Power of Eye Gazing

One of Tantra Gal's tips of the day is about the power of eye gazing. I completely agree that it's a simple practice that can bring you to enlightenment all by itself.
I have been practicing eye gazing a lot lately. Yesterday I did a session for an hour. I have been practicing with both men and women. Each experience has been beautiful and profound. This simple practice cuts though all illusion and opens the doors to Truth. If this was the only Tantric practice you ever did I believe you could reach enlightenment. While it is usually done with a partner it can also be done solo in a mirror. I discovered the mirror gazing when I was 13. Give it a try and let me know what you discover. Read more

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Anonymous said...

I am really amazed of this technique. Actually the power of eye gazing towards inside of his own is the ultimate way to attain enlightment. What you said is similar to that. This meditation technique is called meiporul dhavam. The siddhars of india in tamilnadu follow this and attain enlightment, light body like vallalar and jeeva samadhi(deathless life) through getting DIKSHAI (subtle radiation emitted from spritual guru eyes to disciple)from highly spritual guru.
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