Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Study: Mantras Help Reduce Stress

Mantras are used by a variety of ancient spiritual traditions, all of which carefully specify the ways in which they must be employed. However, a new study has found that mantras from the major faith traditions, and even mantras without religious underpinnings, can help reduce stress.
Mantras can help with stress reduction, new research shows.

Mantras, or mantrams, are a word or phrase with spiritual meaning, write Jill Bormann, PhD, RN, and colleagues in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

The researchers studied 30 veterans and 36 hospital workers at the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, where Bormann is a research nurse scientist. In a five-week class, participants chose a mantra and learned to use it to manage stress.

The study shows that the majority of participants used their mantras to help them cope with a wide range of problems, including anxiety, stress from traffic and work, insomnia, and unwanted thoughts. Read more

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Sanjay Kumar said...

Of course it is!! I used to hear some some pure mantras from an app named Ojas and it is too pure and listening to it makes me to forget all the problems in my life..Hearing to such devotional sound is quite amazing..Try Ojas you will enjoy the mantras from this!!