Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How to Create a Lingam Shrine

"He who desires perfection of the soul must worship the lingam." - Linga Purana

Evidence of phallic worship goes back 28,000 years (give or take a few years). In classical Hindu tradition, the lingam (penis) is a phallic symbol representing the god Shiva, who embodies the male principle. The lingam is not just the organ of generation, but a sign of the progenitor and the essence of cosmic manhood manifested in the microcosm. By worshiping it, we are not merely deifying a physical organ, but recognizing a form that is both eternal and universal.

Your man's lingam is what makes him a man. It makes him strong and courageous, a valiant protector, a fierce defender, a world conqueror, and an explorer of brave new worlds. It also makes him gentle when he wants to be. It makes him loving and tender towards the woman who inspires love in him and the children they create together because of it.

It shouldn't be that hard to worship your man's lingam. When fully erect, it resembles the fertility phallus, which has been a sign of godliness since the dawn of time. It is smooth and hard all at once, and it feels wonderful wrapped within the fingers of your hand, between your lips, or sunk deeply between the folds of your yoni.

How do you practice phallus worship? One way is to make a lingam shrine.
The centerpiece of the shrine should be a representation of your man's erect lingam. This can be a photo, a drawing, a painting , or even a life-sized sculpture. If you use a photo, be sure to crop it so that the length of his lingam fills the photo from bottom to top. Also, put the photo (or drawing or painting) in a nice frame.

Here are some other items you might consider including is part of the shrine:
  • Incense
  • Candles
  • Small rocks
  • A single fresh rose or other flower or a small plant
  • A recirculating water sculpture
  • A short note or poem to his lingam
You can arrange your shrine on a table or a dresser, or, if you think you may need to move your shrine out of sight of visitors to your home, arrange all the items in a wooden tray. Occasionally, light a stick of incense, or otherwise show that you “visit” the shrine so that he will know that you actively use it. Replace the poem or note in the shrine from time to time and tell him to read the new one when he has a chance.

Whether you're trying to rekindle your sex life with a long-time lover or just starting out in a relationship, I guarantee you great success if you worship your man's lingam. A lingam shrine is a visible reminder of your devotion that will make his heart swell with pride.

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Women Awakened said...

I feel that the greatest way to worship a man's lingam is to learn and practice love-making techniques, that will fill him with ecstatic sexual and sensual pleasure...always with a purity of mind and heart.

Jennifer Lawless said...

That goes without saying. The lingam shrine is in addition to that, not instead of.

Women Awakened said...

Well, I suppose a lingam shrine is new and refreshing for a change, amidst all the "goddess worship".

Jennifer Lawless said...

I think more balance is needed. Many men find the "goddess worship" in Tantra somewhat oppressive.

Women Awakened said...

I couldn't agree more Jennifer. There can be no Goddess without a God.

spiritsentient said...



Lil Wayne has a song called Lollipop, which I feel is like his own personal tribute to the lingam, hip-hop style :D

"She lick me like a lollipop
she lick me like a lollipop
she lick me like a lollipop
So I let her lick the (w)rapper
Like a lollipop"

Rock on Jennifer.