Thursday, June 3, 2010

Unplugged Tantra: 3 Easy Steps to Recharging for Two

Tantra teacher Suzie Heumann describes three Tantric practices for improving your emotional awareness, your trust for your partner, and your memory for faces and social experiences.
It’s a crazy life and you probably don’t need to be reminded about it again. The thing is, we get stuck in the rut like hamsters on a wheel, and we can’t see clearly enough to get creative about shifting our experiences. How do you integrate everything you want to do in life and have less stress? Here are some ideas that will help you loosen those wound-up strings, increase your love juice, help you relax better at any given time and radically improve your sex life. Sound too good to be true? Only you will be able to tell, once you give it a try.

What do you think when you hear the word Tantra? You probably think: “A lot of sex for a long period of time.” You can go there if you want to but Western Tantric practices are more about taking the goals out of sexual activities, bringing in the practices of consciousness and relating consciously, sensual expression and the experience of spending time in the realms of oneness with, well, everything. Everything includes your lover, partner, your breath, their body, a “higher power” and even maybe the whole universe. In these times of global change, feeling more a part of everything around you helps to recharge and replenish You. Read more

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