Thursday, September 2, 2010

Full Body and Multiple Orgasm with Tantra

Steve and Lokita Carter explain how Tantric lovemaking can lead to full body and multiple orgasms in women and men.
Does Tantra help to achieve a full body orgasm? Can both men and women enjoy multiple orgasms? Does tantric lovemaking last long­er? These questions are asked often by individuals who are start­ing on the tantric path, and they have as many answers as there are people asking it.


In ordinary lovemaking, the feelings, attention, and energy are fo­cused mainly in one area: the genitals. The sensations in our geni­tals are delightful, however, by being focused on “down there” there is a goal and when that goal is realized, this particular sexual episode is over.

In tantric lovemaking, movement, breath, sound and presence are the keys to expand our ecstatic energy and spread it throughout the whole body. Using these keys allows the expansion of bliss and ecstasy rather than release of energy. This is what we call "orgas­mic bliss". Read more

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