Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Visit to a Tantric Sex Therapist

Lucy Cavendish visits a Tantric sex therapist to see if he could really rekindle her middle-aged libido.
As I arrive outside Mike Lousada's house in North London, I am so nervous I am almost tempted to walk straight past, cancel my appointment and forget I'd ever heard his name.

This is hardly surprising because, though I have never met him before, I have come to him to rediscover my libido. Mike is a tantric sex therapist. He charges £95 a time to help women reach heights of ecstasy they never imagined existed.

His methods involve conversation, meditation and - ahem! - sensual massage, which can (if the client requests it) become rather startlingly intimate. It sounds, if not sleazy, then somewhat suspect. After all, what sort of woman would pay a stranger to rekindle her sex drive? Read more

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