Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nude Yoga: A Step Too Far?

Some yoga traditionalists do not approve of the nude trend in yoga, claiming that it's crass commercialization.
American yoga practitioners are abuzz with a new controversy rocking their once boutique but now rapidly commercialising industry: magazine advertising and public yoga classes featuring unabashed nudity. The controversy pits seasoned yoga teachers and other spiritual purists, who abhor the growing trend, against a new generation of aggressive yoga "entrepreneurs", anxious to promote the ancient Hindu practice as America's premier "wellness" lifestyle – even if it means exploiting, as critics maintain, the female "beauty myth" and embracing a "sex-sells" marketing strategy. Read more


Red Fern said...

If I were less self-conscious about my body, I'd probably join in. If the yogis are performing the poses properly, doing the breathing properly and achieving bliss, what's wrong with it?

Jennifer Lawless said...

Believe it or not, public nudity makes you less self-conscious about your body. Real bodies don't look like the bodies in air-brushed photos. Once you see that for yourself, it makes you more forgiving about your own "imperfections."