Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How Tantric Yoga Practices Enhance Potency and Bliss in the Body

Tantric educator Grace Rosen explains how Tantric yoga practices easily enhance potency and bliss in the body.
Question for Grace:
How do PC muscle pull ups help with ejaculation control or fitness?


WEBMD physician acknowledges that kegels for men may be beneficial for strengthening bladder control yet claims there is no evidence the kegel pull ups help with ED (erectile dysfunction) concerns.

Kegels are an inner exercise of engaging the web of 7 muscles I call the “lower bowl” of the body. This inner exercise is similar to a yogic banda or “energy lock” of the lower bowl of the body.

Tantric view is developing the agility and functioning of the lower bowl and the awareness of one’s levels or plateaus of arousal is a developmental milestone as important as the developmental milestone of anal sphincter awareness and consciousness of colonic peristalsis that enables us to have a bowl movement when nature calls. Read more

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