Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rajneesh and His Reinterpretation of Tantric Sex

Madan Singh says that Acharaya Rajneesh gave a new interpretation to Tantric sex that has survived him.
Acharya Rajneesh is one name that rouses diverse passions. Some consider him a charlatan, while others swear by him. What ever his faults the teachings of Rajneesh have survived him. I had an opportunity to visit his Ashram at Koregaon Park at Pune and came away greatly impressed. There is no doubt that he was a very brilliant man, who at one time had a vast following.

Rajneesh and his reinterpretation of Tantra Sex

Though Rajneesh is no more, yet his concept and re-interpretations of Tantra sex is worth more than a cursory study. He interpreted the ancient tantra sex as enjoined in the scriptures of Hinduism and gave it a new direction. Rajneesh had his faults, but his interpretation of the ancient Vedic age tantric sex rituals is without peer.

Hinduism has laid down many paths to attain Moksha (Salvation). Among the paths are meditation, prayer, knowledge, penance and the sex act. Hinduism considers the spermatozoa of a man as having the power to ignite Extra Sensory and similar powers. Rajneesh re-interpreted this theory as a means to eternal bliss. Read more

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