Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ecstatic Sex Versus Tantric Sex

Lisa Love compares Tantric sex to ecstatic sex. Ecstatic sex is not possible, she says, without intimacy and commitment.
Just as many people plunge into instant sex and end up having sex for all the wrong reasons, people dive into the pool of instant intimacy and end up in deep waters before they really know how to swim. Especially in the realm of tantra where sex, body work, and emotions are tied more deeply together, the waters can not only get deep, but rather murky really fast.

Why Tantra Once Required Commitment and Intimacy
To avoid throwing non-swimmers into deep waters, tantra, as it was orignally practiced in the East, ironically required a long period of time where the tantric partners got to know each other without any sexual contact whatsoever. An example of this might even include lying side by side next to each other in bed fully clothed for months. Why? Because giving into junk food sex and sex for all the wrong reasons is extremely easy and not much of a discipline at all. Learning to develop a deep bond of love, intimacy, integrity, honesty, and respect before having a sexual encounter, that is quite another matter. Read more

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