Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Floating Meditation of Kundalini Tantra

Rev. David Howell explains how to do the floating exercise of Kundalini Tantra, which can be used to attain such things as astral projection, psychic powers, or even just stress relief.
The floating exercise is an important part of the meditation practices of kundalini Tantra, and as such is normally one of the first exercises taught to a new student. Mastery of the floating exercise can bring alignment to virtually any technique or physical world method wished. The floating exercise can also open the student to alignment to any spiritual world method or benefit imagined. It is important to remember that the simple method of active meditation allows one to find the total universe within and the connections to the total universe without (Microcosm within, Macrocosm without).

Examples of the things the floating exercise can attain include astral projection, alignment with some physical item the person wishes such as a new automobile, job, money, or other mundane requirement. In the spiritual realm, the student can attain mastery over clairvoyance, become a prophet, seer, psychic, or any other spiritual ability imagined. The Floating Exercise is one of the most powerful tools in the Tantric Path. A simpler and even more important benefit of the floating exercise is that of peace, joy, happiness, and internal rest. The floating exercise allows practitioners a space that is uniquely their own and gives them the space and place to practice happiness in a world of their own making. Read more

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