Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Give an Erotic Massage

Sarah Gibson offers simple massage techniques that range from the sensual to the sexual. For more specifics, I have written six articles about Tantric massage.
As the nights get colder you can earn some serious brownie points from your partner by wooing her with an erotic massage. Read on for simple massage techniques that range from the sensual to the explicit - and adapt them to your own desires.

Warm Up

An erotic massage involves getting up close and personal with your partner - so the clothes should come off right away. Very few women want to get naked in sub-zero conditions so make sure you pre-heat the room to a decent temperature before hand. Also, make sure you warm the massage oil; either in the microwave or under a hot tap; and test the temperature before you put it on your partner’s skin – to avoid any nasty accidents. Read more

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Anastasia said...

The easiest way to connect with your partner is by synching your breathing with theirs, it's like a magic switch that helps the other person relax, and helps your relax. Sit opposite each other and look into each other's eyes, send the love that you feel for your partner to them via this gaze, and notice that they are doing the same, take it slowly and enjoy this feeling of love and appreciation from your partner as they enjoy this from you. Whilst you are doing this, listen for their breath, is it fast, is slower than yours? Having an awareness of this, will help you synch and match their breath. When you feel connected with your partner, start by undressing them slowly, folding their clothes neatly, they are a Goddess /God after all so show them total respect.

Once you have your partner naked, ask them to lie on their front, massage her shoulders, back, arms, legs, this should be about rediscovering their whole body, not about waiting until you can have sex, the slower you can take it, the more amazing the sex will be when you finally get there. Once you have covered all of the back of the body, turn your tantric Goddess on her front, spend a long time massaging the breasts as well as arms, belly, legs, again being absorbed in feeling and noticing the reactions as your move around her body, once you have covered the whole body, end by massaging the yoni. Trickle a small amount of lubricant or oil on the Yoni. Pay special attention here and take your time, there is no need to rush. Explore and begin by gently massaging the outer lips of the Yoni, then move on to the inner lips. Maintaining eye contact between you both is important, and it will allow you the giver to judge the pressure. The receiver may tell the giver to increase the speed or depth of the massage, but talking should be restricted so as not to take away from the sensations of the massage. Softly stroke the clitoris with a clockwise, counter clockwise motion. Gently grasp it between thumb and index fingers. Do this as a massage and not to induce orgasm. The receiver will become aroused, however encourage her to just relax and continue breathing deeply, matching her breathing, and enjoying seeing her receive so much pleasure. The London Tantric Temple offers yoni training where you can learn how to give a yoni massage and couples tantra sessions where you get to learn and receive and connect with your partner