Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meditation for Pain Relief

You may have read about a recent study that explained how meditation reduces pain. One of the best things about the study is that it showed that pain relief meditation is easy to learn. Anmol Mehta explains how to do meditation for pain relief.
Pain Management Technique

What was most amazing about the recent research which showed meditation reduced the intensity of pain by 40% and reduced the unpleasantness associated with pain by almost 60%, was that these benefits were attained with just 4 meditation sessions of 20 minutes each! That’s really incredible. Normally much more consistent practice is needed and the benefits of meditation are procured over time, but here we find that after just a few practice session, meditation helped enormously with pain management and pain relief.

This study, on the powers of meditation for pain management, was conducted at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, NC and published in the Journal of Neuroscience on April 6th. Even the researchers were amazed at the results.

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