Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 Easy Tantric Sex Techniques You Can Try Tonight

You don't need to take a class to get started with Tantric sex. Kaylen Jackson reveals five easy Tantric sex techniques you can try tonight.
Tantric sex is a great way to connect emotionally and sexually to your partner. Instead of focusing on techniques to get to orgasm faster, Tantra focuses on the emotional and physical intimacy you share with someone during sex. It also teaches you to focus more on each individual sensation during sex rather than thinking of them as a means to an end. Here are five easy things to do now to have amazing orgasms with your lover.

Sanctify Your Space

If you read the morning newspaper in your bed, or you work from home in bed, eat in bed or do anything else besides sleep and have sex in your bed, then you need to start by sanctifying your space. You’re never going to feel sexual or connected to your partner in the same space that you change diapers in! Start making your bedroom a sex and sleeping only place, so when you walk into the room, you are already starting to get psychologically prepared for sex. You can also splurge on some new silky sheets and a few aromatherapy candles. Anything that you can do to appeal to your senses and get them involved will help you experience sex in a new way. Read more

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