Saturday, May 12, 2012

4 Scientific Reasons to Try Tantric Sex

Tantric sex doesn't just feel good; it's good for you. Moses Ma reveals four scientific reasons to try Tantric sex.
According to a recent study by Good Housekeeping magazine, the stress and burnout caused by the prolonged recession has put a damper on our national sex life. Their extensive study of 1,000 people found that couples had more sex a year ago -- and they blame juggling jobs, childcare and financial aggravation as the culprit. So what we're looking at, nationally, is a dwindling libido and profound exhaustion, caused by being overworked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed by money worries. However, there's hope, for couples, in the intersection of sex and yoga - tantra.

What is Tantra? At its core, tantra is the spiritual art of love - it is experiencing love through mindset that fully embraces the beauty of life and existence. It is about acceptance, rather than denial. It also embraces compassion, and truth within unconditional love. The benefits of tantric yoga and tantric sex are significant. Besides encouraging a stronger body/mind/spirit connection, it provides loving couples with a methodology for greater pleasure through deeper emotional connection and more powerful sexual orgasms, as well providing a general rejuvenating effect on the health of both the relationship and its participants.

Here are four great reasons to try tantric sex to revitalize both your sex life and your outlook on life! Read more

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