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Maithuna Ritual: Tantric Sexual Union

Maithuna is a Sanskrit term used in Tantra, which is most often translated as sexual union within a ritual. Maithuna refers to the coming together of god and goddess with the acknowledgement that everything is sacred, from food to acts of lovemaking. It uses physical unification for the purpose of creating spiritual unification.

Since Maithuna is practiced as a spiritual ceremony, there is an acknowledgement and honoring of a divine being. However, in Tantra, this deity is acknowledged and honored in your partner, rather than as an intellectual concept or spiritual ideal. Tantra encourages lovers to see the divinity in each other.

Preparation for Maithuna

Before starting the ritual itself, place candles safely around the room for lighting. Be sure that it is light enough you can see your partner's eyes. You can also choose music to play during the ritual. As part of the preparations for Maithuna, you should have a bowl or tray of fruits or other treats available for after you have finished making love. Tantric practitioners consider this important, as Maithuna is believed to be draining, and often works up an appetite.

When the time for the ritual arrives, begin by taking a bath or shower. You may also engage in a session  of light yoga poses or even dancing, in order to relax the muscles and to get yourself in the proper frame of mind.

Begin the ritual by practicing some simple Tantric exercises. Sit before your partner and focus on your breathing, trying to synchronize your breathing pattern with your partner.  While doing this, gaze into your partner's eyes. Look into your partner's right eye, or try "soft focus" and look into both eyes at the same time.

Honoring the Goddess and God in Each Other

Next, move on to the main part of the ritual: honoring the goddess and god in each other. Traditionally, the woman is honored first. Her partner begins worshiping her as a goddess, adorning her with beautiful scarves and fabrics and massaging her with oil. He then slowly and gradually begins touching her body in a deliberate and predetermined sequence. Meanwhile, his partner visualizes her life force (prana) growing increasingly stronger and rising up through her body.

The man may take occasional breaks to meditate, during which time he might gaze into a candle (trataka). The man (and possibly the woman) might also recite chants and mantras. For the man, these repetitive mantras often include telling the woman how beautiful she is, and how much he worships her as his goddess. The couple then shifts roles, with the woman worshiping her partner as a god.

Tantric Sexual Union

When worship is finished, you can begin to stroke the yoni (vulva) and the lingam (penis). Oral pleasuring and loving worship of the yoni and lingam should be long and delicious for both. The tongue has many energy points, and you can send this energy to your partner through the tongue. Do not attempt to bring about an orgasm. Rather, simply pleasure each other. Continue visualizing your partner as goddess or god and allow your sexual energy to flow.

When you feel it is time, penetration may take place. Be hard and strong, as well as soft and gentle. Allow the woman to guide. Continue to breathe fully, and keep your eyes open. Look into your partner's eyes lovingly. Allow your sexual energy to flow from your body to your partner.

Also, do not attempt to hold back the orgasm. Rather, simply let go. Remember to breathe and use any Tantric techniques you have mastered. If the man ejaculates, you should remain joined for as long as possible afterward, allowing the woman to absorb the man's sexual energy.

There are many variations of the Maithuna ritual. Allow yourself to be intuitive and bring all your awareness to this ritual. The power of the Maithuna is revealed when the couple believes that each movement is a dedication to themselves, each other, and the universe.

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