Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Male Ejaculation Is NOT the Most Ecstatic Moment

Male ejaculation is not the most ecstatic moment in sex, says sex educator Victor Gold. The interval just before the point of no return can be prolonged and savored for maximum pleasure.
Though it may come as a surprise to many men, the brief intoxicating rush of pleasure experienced during male ejaculation is far from the most blissful moment available to men in sex. Our pleasure potential is much greater than that. However, for a man to reach truly ecstatic states in sex requires that he spend lengthy periods (a half hour, or an hour, or more) of sexual activity in high states of arousal, but without a genital discharge. Accomplished male lovers, those who have mastered the art of seminal retention, know that male ejaculation is a vastly overrated source of sexual pleasure. They understand that calling ejaculation the “climax” of pleasure is really just a bad habit left over from early programming. Read more

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