Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Achieve Healing, Intimacy, and Ultimate Union with Tantra

Tantric sex is more than exotic sex positions and prolonged lovemaking. It's also a way to achieve healing intimacy and ultimate union.
When the average person thinks of tantric sex, their thoughts may jump to intense sack sessions that are solely for the pursuit of intense pleasure. While much of tantra does involve these kinds of sexual practices, after all, that’s what it became famous for in the Western world, tantra involves so much more than pure physical pleasure.

For example, did you know that tantra is often used as a means of emotional, physical and spiritual healing, as well as a method for achieving the ultimate intimacy that can exist between two people?

Sound intrigued? Then read on to discover how tantra can lead you and your partner on the path to ultimate healing and unity! Read more

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