Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Nine Steps Taoist Thrusting Method

Taoist sexual practices are the way some Taoists practiced sex. Practitioners believed that by performing these sexual practices, one could stay in good health, and attain longevity. One of these practices was a thrusting method to stimulate, massage, and keep the man's lingam (penis) at an excellent state of readiness. This Taoist thrusting method is called the Nine Steps.

To perform the Nine Steps to perfection, a man must possess great patience and staying power. One complete set of Nine Steps is 180 thrusts, so most men need training to achieve it. However, performing as many thrusts as possible will help the man in his general vitality and his female partner will be ecstatic from the sexual stimulation she receives.

The Nine Steps

To begin with, the man must assume a comfortable sex position. One recommended position is the Horse Position. The woman lies on her back on a raised bed or table. Her legs are opened wide with the knees are pulled to her chest. The man stands in front of her, with her yoni (vagina) fully exposed and open. The man then begins the Nine Steps.

1st Step. The man inserts only the head of his lingam into the yoni. He makes a shallow stroking movement of about an inch and a half exactly nine times. On the tenth stroke, he thrusts his entire lingam as deep as possible.

2nd Step. Here the same pattern is followed, but with only eight shallow lingam strokes followed by two deep ones.

3rd Step. Follow as above, but the man will thrust shallow seven times, followed by three deep thrusts.

4th Step. Continuing, six shallow thrusts followed by four deep thrusts.

5th Step. Now there are only five shallow thrusts followed by five deep ones.

6th Step. In keeping with the above, four shallow strokes followed by six deep strokes.

7th Step. There are only three shallow thrusts followed by seven deep ones.

8th Step. This time, only two shallow thrusts followed by eight deep thrusts.

9th Step. Here at the end of the method, there is only one shallow thrust followed by nine deep thrusts.

If the man is able to complete the Nine Steps, he should then perform them in reverse order.

- 1 shallow -- 9 deep
- 2 shallow -- 8 deep
- 3 shallow -- 7 deep
- 4 shallow -- 6 deep
- 5 shallow -- 5 deep
- 6 shallow -- 4 deep
- 7 shallow -- 3 deep
- 8 shallow -- 2 deep
- 9 shallow -- 1 deep

This completes one set of 180 thrusts.

The shallow thrusts stimulate the woman's most sensitive nerve endings and at the same time create a vacuum effect that makes her ache for the deep thrust to come. (The man should make certain not to pull out so far as to lose the vacuum effect.) Also, because most of the man's thrusts are shallow ones, stimulating only the end of his lingam, the man is able to continue thrusting much longer. 

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Anonymous said...

Taoists call this "Sets of Nine". It works quite well and is very adaptable for use by the beginner. This in one part of the Tao of Sexology. Water Wind & Thunder Plus

Jack Melle said...

Great information. How slow or fast are these strokes in seconds?

Jennifer Lawless said...

A second or two usually.