Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Importance of Foreplay

Many couples rush through foreplay, too eager to get to the sex, but foreplay can often be the best part, says Cara Mason.
Traditionally foreplay was seen as more of a chore, something a man had to do to get a woman ready for sex, more of a necessary than a want.
Now, foreplay is seen as an integral part to sex, and more than that, it’s something we should all want to do.
It’s incredibly romantic and can build senses and sensation to unbelievable levels.
Of course, it’s true that some of the best sexual encounters we’ll ever have will be the impromptu ones that don’t involve foreplay but most of the time, foreplay should be a must! Read more

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Anonymous said...

My girlfriend of 4 years and I have developed a very indepth kinda ritualistic very detail oriented & uniquely specific routine for our foreplay. Wich I think all couples evolve into over time. Mind you it's not always the long “session” as we call it but it's become a forum for exploring new things expressing ourselves sexually and growing together. The one thing that makes it special and a routine that has produced healthy results is the video. Over time we have taped our foreplay sessions and added to the videos to what's is now about a two hour custom adult video we made of us. We enjoy putting this on and watching it as opposed to other adult movies. We are in our early 30s and it has worked for us. We recommend giving it a try. It's definatally alot of fun.