Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding the Ideal Lover

If you haven't yet found your ideal lover, you may not be searching in the right way.
Love does not belong to anybody, it is divine. It comes from God and it is for God only, manifested in the Created Universe.

One of the most important aspects, if we want to find our ideal lover, the one to complete us and to make our heart happy and fulfilled, is the complete transformation of the negative mind patterns that we maintain.

All those who complain about not finding the right lover have a negative idea in their subconscious mind regarding the couple relationship. In most situations, it is a prior traumatizing experience. Look into yourself and realize that if you lack self-confidence, if you think you do not deserve it, that there is so much in you to transform, that now you have a difficult period, etc., this is the projection you emit mentally and you will receive an answer to this projection. Read more

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