Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 Lingam Massage Strokes

A Lingam massage is one of the greatest and purest pleasures a man can receive.This massage is focused on and around a man’s sacred organ, his Lingam.  My post How to Give a Tantric Lingam Massage tells how to give a Lingam massage if you have no previous experience performing this Tantric massage. For those who have, these ten strokes can add some variety to your practice.

1) Squeeze up and down the Lingam at various points while pulling the Lingam down with your other hand.

2) Pull the skin taut at the base of the Lingam with one hand while you pull and twist the shaft in an upward, outward corkscrew motion with the other hand.

3) With the Lingam head facing the crotch, place your other hand on the power chakra (two inches below the navel). Stroke the Lingam from base to head.

4) Rub the heel of the hand down the shaft, fingers pointing downward to the crotch.

5) Keep your palm flat on the Lingam and slide it over the Lingam's full length.

6) Hold the Lingam firmly in one hand while massaging the head with the palm of your other hand in a circular motion.

6) Toss the lingam back and forth between your hands, side to side.

7) Use lots of oil and roll the Lingam between the palms of both hands.

8) Twist your arm and hold his Lingam with your full hand while your pinky finger is the one closer to his Llngam's top.

9) With this previous position, once you reach his top, slide down, his Lingam again, but this time, shift your hand position so that your thumb is this time the one closer to his Lingam's top.

10) Massage his Lingam's full length while holding the previous position.

To many men, a Lingam massage provides a level of pleasure and pure ecstasy that simply cannot be attained in any other way. Be creative when you honor his Lingam. Vary your strokes. Encourage feedback. The best strokes are the ones you invent together.

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