Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tantra for Women: Jade Egg Exercises to Tighten Your Vagina

Tantra, which has been around for thousands of years, believes that sex between men and women is a doorway to the divine. One of the main tenets of Tantric philosophy is that sexuality brings the key to enlightenment. According to Tantra, sex is a spiritual act designed to expand consciousness and bring the male and female energies into harmony. Tantric sex teaches couples how to prolong lovemaking and harness sexual energy more effectively.

One of the basic objectives of Tantric sex for women is to gain control of the vaginal muscles. The vagina (called the yoni in Tantra) is a muscle that can become stronger through exercise. For most women, strengthening the vaginal muscles means stronger, more powerful orgasms, and a tighter vagina which increases sexual pleasure for both the woman and the man. Kegel exercises are the usual method that women use to improve their vaginal strength and tone.

Jade eggs, which are also called yoni eggs, are designed for women who want to make Kegel exercises even more effective. Having an object in the vagina provides feedback about how hard you're exercising. Many women do not put enough effort into their Kegel exercises and end up being disappointed with the results.

Using jade eggs also helps increase vaginal lubrication and moisture for everyday comfort, as well as for sexual intercourse. Jade eggs come in various sizes and weights. You simply insert the egg into your vagina and squeeze and flex your vaginal muscles. The eggs slide inside easily and comfortably, and take on your body temperature almost immediately.

Some women use the egg for as little as 15 minutes or so per day while others use them as an all-day exercise for sexual intercourse with their partners. Many women find the act of exercising their yoni to be a pleasurable activity, with some women even developing the ability to bring themselves to orgasm using his practice. After a period of time, the vaginal muscles will become stronger and more toned, and you and your partner will experience more pleasurable sex.

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