Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How to Give Your Man a Tantric Testicle Massage

Testicles are one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body. Knowing this, many women are afraid to massage their men’s testicle for ear hurting them. The irony is it’s this sensitivity that makes men feel pleasure when their testicles are stroked or massaged. The testicles on a man are one of the most erogenous spots if touched and stimulated correctly. The truth is that testicle massage can be a sensual experience for a man if a lover is doing it. It can be done by itself, or as part of an erotic massage, a lingam massage, or a male G-spot massage.

Make the space where you'll be doing the testicle massage a place your partner will feel comfortable. Have him undress and lie down. When he is ready, here are ten technqiues that you can use to massage the testicles.

1) Trace circles at the crease at the base of the penis where the shaft meets the scrotum.

2) Try some very light pinching on the skin of the scrotum. Roll the skin in between your fingers very gently and watch how he responds.

3) Very lightly run your fingernails over the skin of the scrotum. Notice how he reacts. Some men love this scratching sensation while others get nervous. See if he enjoys it and respond accordingly.

4) As you touch his scrotum with one hand, place the flat of the knuckles on your other hand against his perineum and vibrate it. Shake your fist and pulse in and out.

5) Wrap both hands around his penis with a firm grip. Now slide one hand up and over the head and the other hand down and across the testicles. This move will make the penis feel big and expand the sensation.

6) Cup the testicles and then squeeze them gently. Be sure to check the way he reacts so that you know if you are squeezing too hard.

7) Place your hand at the bottom of his testicles, and then slowly run your fingers from the bottom of his scrotum all the way up to the penis in a single motion.

8) Hold the penis up to expose the testicles and then tap them with your longest finger.

9) Hold the penis and testicles with your thumb and forefinger. Then pull the penis and testicles forward lightly with your hand. Do this several times in each direction 0 up, down, right and left..

10) Hold one testicle between the thumb and fingers of each hand. Massage the testicles gently with your fingers.

Testicle massages may also help reinvigorate the testicles with blood and clear out any unhealthy blockages.. Massaging the testicles regularly may improve erections, ejaculation volume, and sperm count. Testicle massage may even increase the size of the testicles so that they are lower hanging, fuller feeling, heavier, and more sensitive.

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