Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mindfulness in Everyday Life: Embracing Your Sensuality

Clinical psychologist Donna Rockwell, PsyD, lists six steps to enhancing your sex life.
A couple of years ago, I presented a paper on mindfulness in China, touring some of that country's major cities. I was reminded of being a young girl growing up in New Jersey, digging a hole in my backyard with a kitchen spoon all the way through the earth to China. That was how I imagined getting there. Though traveling on an airplane instead of by spoon, I finally did find my way there.

Interestingly, among the local people I met and spoke with, what was most discussed -- without me asking -- was the same theme I hear repeated in this country, a bemoaned lack of sex education available to young couples, who say they want to start their lives together in a more fully engaged way, built upon a strong, sustaining relationship throughout their lives. But in China, as in most countries around the world, what is reportedly missing from people's education and life skills training are the very tools that would be most helpful in figuring out how to live a more successful, meaningful and happy life. Read more

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