Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4 Tantric Sex Positions for Better Sex

Many couples are intrigued with Tantric sex, but some do not feel ready to try the intimacy exercises often suggested as an introduction to Tantra. An alternative introduction is Tantric sex positions. Tantric sex is a practice used to help prolong the act of sex and share orgasmic experiences with a partner. Tantric sex positions have been shown to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm. Many Tantric sex positions are found in the Kama Sutra, although the Kama Sutra is not actually a Tantric book. The following four positions do not require any sexual acrobatics, but do provide sensual sensations for both partners.

1) Elevated Missionary.

Have your partner place her feet on your chest, which will elevate her hips off the bed. You can either support her hips while you enter her, or place your hands in the back of her thighs as you thrust yourself inside her. The Elevated Missionary position stimulates the clitoris and G-spot much better than missionary position usually does.

2) Leverage Her Leg

In this Tantric sex position, have your partner lie down on her side, with one leg raised up in the air. Grab hold of her thigh and let her leg rest on your shoulder. Penetrate her and use her leg to leverage yourself inside her. This position can be used to create pleasurable sensations, or it can be used for power and speed.

3) Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow sex position requires aomw arm strength in order to maintain it. Have your partner rest her elbows or head on a pillow, with her butt in the air. Grab hold of her ankles and lift her lower body Have her knees bent and then penetrate her. The Wheelbarrow position creates the perfect angle for G-spot stimulation.

3) Yab Yum.

To assume this position, sit with your legs crossed, or you can have them extended. Let her mount you, with her legs wrapped around your waist. This Tantric sex position is not so much about having intercourse as it is about embracing each other, shared breathing, and passionate kissing. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, Yab Yum is an ideal position in which to enjoy the experience of penetration for a longer period of time.

Three of the four Tantric sex positions are probably just variations on positions you already do. You may want to save Yab Yum for last because it can be very intimate. In fact, it is often used to practice those introductory intimacy exercises that some couples want to avoid.
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