Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Indian Brain Breathing: The Ancient Tantric Science of Prophecy and Health

Stasia Bliss unveils the art of Indian brain breathing,an amazingly detailed and ancient Tantric science, which she says can be implemented for prophecy, personal health, empowerment, and inner wisdom.
Ancient science exists that can help one understand the deeper meaning in the cosmos by simply observing the patterning of one’s own breath.  This traditional Indian Tantric science is known as Swara yoga, or ‘brain breathing’ and is an art form originally thought to be so valuable that it’s secrets of prophecy and health were only passed down from teacher to student orally.  In today’s day, these ancient teachings are being revealed as it is believed that human kind has reached a crux in it’s evolutionary progress where it ‘needs all the help it can get. Read more

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