Tuesday, September 10, 2019

4 Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Premature ejaculation is believed to have many causes, including psychological causes such as performance anxiety or relationship issues and physical causes such as a weak PC muscle or a hyper-sensitive penis. Men who want to last longer during sex have numerous options for treatment. While there are herbal supplements, prescription medications, and desensitizing creams and sprays that may help a man deal with premature ejaculation, there are also exercises a man can do that are often quite effective.

1) Breathing Exercises

Your heart rate as well your breathing increases as you near ejaculation. One good premature ejaculation exercise is to slow your breathing just as you reach your climax. Breathe slower and hold your breath in for a few seconds before exhaling. This will slow down your rate of arousal.

2) Stop and Go

During sex, you can practice the stop and go exercise to control arousal and delay ejaculation. The man simply stops thrusting, pulling out of the vagina if necessary, when ejaculation feels imminent. No stimulation is applied for a while as the feeling of impending ejaculation subsides. This exercise can also be repeated as often as necessary in order to prolong the sexual experience.

3) Squeeze Exercise

The squeeze exercise takes the start and go exercise to the next level. Just before an orgasm, you pull out of the vagina and squeezes the tip of the penis at the base of the glans. This exercise is meant to stop the arousal process and help the feeling of impending ejaculation subside. Your partner could also perform the exercise instead of you doing it yourself.

4) Kegel Exercises

Many experts blame a pubococcygeus (PC) muscle that is too relaxed and uncontrolled for premature ejaculation. The PC muscle contracts and pulses during ejaculation in order to evacuate the semen through the penis. These contractions occur automatically during an orgasm, but a man can strengthen the PC muscle in order to control when the contractions begin. PC muscle exercises are also known as Kegel exercises, named after the doctor who invented them. The more a man practices Kegel exercises, the more he will develop voluntary control over the PC muscle and be able to delay ejaculation.

Although strengthening the PC muscle will take some t. ime, you could practice any or all of the first three exercises tonight. An understanding partner can be a help, but even that's not necessary. Ultimately, premature ejaculation is problem that only you can fix, and by practicing these exercises you can begin the process.

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