Saturday, October 29, 2016

9 Tantric Techniques Anyone Can Use

You don't have to believe in chakras, prana, or other esoteric concepts to explore Tantric sex. Anyone can use the following nine Tantric techniques.
Tantra is the 4,000-year-old art of combining sexuality and energy, and it’s hellbent on helping you reclaim sexual intimacy in your life. Apart from being an ancient belief system, it’s also a sex-technique Rolodex that’s full of steamier tips than you’d like to give your great-great-great-grandmother credit for. You don’t need to believe in energy, chakras or that you were a Nordic seal in a past life for it to work for you. All you need is a warm body and a healthy interest in having better sex. We went out and talked to Tantric therapists Dawn and Gerard Gatz of Boulder’s Tantric Sacred Journeys to get some tips to help you do just that. Read more

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