Thursday, January 19, 2017

5 Health Benefits of Tantra

Laurie Handlers says that she has found five health benefits from the practice of Tantra.
When people hear the word Tantra, they usually think of the esoteric postures depicted in the Kama Sutra. That's if they've heard of it at all. Personally, I have found many unexpected health benefits from practicing this ancient form of meditation and related breath practices.

When I began Tantra in 1996, I had no idea back then how powerful Tantra was to become in every aspect of my life.

Very soon, after embarking on the Tantric path, I became aware of a quieting down in the mind, something I had been trying to accomplish for years to no avail. This alone helped me to reduce my stress levels. But that’s not all; that was only the beginning. Read more

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