Tuesday, June 19, 2018

4 Sex Positions to Enhance Intimacy

People often become interested in Tantric sex because of the promise of heightened sexual pleasure. However, the goal of Tantric sex is not only to provide erotic pleasure, but also to forge a strong connection between partners.  For the purposes of intimacy, face-to-face sex positions usually work better. These four Tantric sex positions are both intimate and pleasurable, as well as comfortable and easy to get into.

1) Legs Intertwined

To move into the Legs Intertwined position, you should both lie on your sides with legs outstretched. The woman should then lift her upper leg and place it on top of her partner's leg, bending it slightly. The man can then enter her deeply and pull her towards him by holding her hip. By pulling her and then letting her go a bit, she will rock on and off his penis.

2) Lover’s Grip

To move into Lover's Grip, the man should kneel down, place one of her legs over each of his shoulders and have his partner lie on her back and raise her hips slightly so that he can penetrate her. The man can vary the angle of penetration for deeply pleasurable sensations.

3) Sexy Crush

The Sexy Crush position is a variation of missionary. The woman should lie back and raise her legs high in the air so that, when kneeling, the man will find it easy to penetrate her. Once inside her, the man can relax and let his weight down on his elbows, lowering his body so that it is resting on hers. Similar to the Legs Intertwined position, the close body contact, eye contact, and the ability to kiss passionately enhances intimacy. If the man is considerably heavier than his partner, he will need to take more of his weight on his arms to prevent crushing her.

4) Yab-Yum

To get into the Yab-Yum position, the man should sit on the floor with his knees bent wide open and have his partner sit wih her legs over his thighs and her feet on the floor. The man should pull his partner close so that he penetrate her. This position gives just enough stimulation to maintain sexual arousal, and while it may not result in orgasm for either partner, both will enjoy gently rocking in tandem while kissing, caressing, and gazing into each other’s eyes.

The Yab Yum position can also be used without penetration as a meditative posture. All of them enhance intimacy more than most sex positions. Give them a try to start building a stronger bond with your partner.

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