Tuesday, January 22, 2019

3 Types of Orgasms Women Should Experience

Jade Lotus reveals the threetypesof orgasms women should experience and the ancinet Chinese trick for achieving them.
For many women, an orgasm is a fleeting experience, even a mythical creature. Some women even ask questions like, "What is an orgasm?" and, "What does an orgasm feel like?" because they have never experienced one. For other women, they're even wondering how to orgasm in the first place.

A female orgasm is typically defined as a series of rhythmic contractions or pulsations in the vagina or "an intense pleasurable release of sexual tension ... accompanied by contractions of the genital muscles."

I would add to this that orgasm is about a build up of energy that suddenly starts to move, causing these vibrations and involuntary contractions.

Sexologists classically describe three kinds of female orgasms: Read more

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