Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Effective Tantra Breathing Technique to Prolong Sexual Intercourse

Tantra uses breathing exercises (pranayama) to help raise and channel our sexual energy. One breathing exercise, a variation of Kapalbhati Pranayama, can also be used to prevent premature ejaculation.
During sexual intercourse, as the excitement peaks for the male and he approaches orgasm he should begin to do Kapalbhati Pranayama through the mouth. Specifically, he should puff air out of his mouth while pulling in the stomach muscle sharply with each exhalation. As in Kapalbhati, allow the stomach to relax for the recoil inhalation to take place. This rapid puffing out of air through the mouth changes the blood chemistry and will retard ejaculation by easing the blood supply to the male sexual organ. Read more


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Anonymous said...

if the issue is preventing climax and ejaculation, then the more effective technique is to withdraw the penis and clasp the head with one hand so that the heel of the palm is pressing into the shaft and the fingers curl over the tip and press into the shaft of the penis from below, just below the bulb. firm pressure or a slight clawing movement of the finger tips (not the nails!) may be necessary. the effect on arousal is strong and immediate, but the penis remains fully erect and intercourse can resume.

this technique also has the effect of slightly numbing sensation in the penis, much like a condom does, prolonging intercourse.

a regular female partner can be trained to perform this remedy by turning her hand palm up (toward the man's stomach), pushing the penis toward the man's feet, and then grasping as described. if she wears her nails long, she should curl them into her palm and use her first knuckles instead. a prearranged sign must be used, for example withdrawing the penis and asking "clasp me".

the breathing can be effective but it must be used earlier, is less effective near climax, and does not reduce sensitivity as much.