Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How Can Tantra Help a Woman Enhance Her Inner Qualities?

Laura Amazzone at A Temple of Female Consciousness answers this reader's question: "How can tantra help a woman enhance her inner qualities?"
Tantra is about harnessing and amplifying our inner power, our Shakti. The word tantra means to weave and involves a process of weaving/blending opposite qualities or tensions and experiencing the unity of their common essence.


To enhance my positive inner qualities, or my Shakti, I attempt to confront and embrace any negative thought or emotion. Sometimes I sit with it and let it run its course for days or weeks, but then eventually I do sadhana-spiritual practice to work with the energies that are inhibiting me from accessing and expressing my Shakti. As the remover of fear and difficulty, Durga teaches us not to run away from that which is difficult, but to face it with composure. Read more

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