Friday, January 4, 2008

Creating a Personal Altar

Personal space is hard to find these days, as is a sense of peace and comfort. Our homes provide us with a sense of belonging and personal expression, but, sometimes, we need more than that. We want to feel the presence and feeling of peace and comfort that we can only experience in a sacred place. This can be possible by creating a personal altar in your home.
... The depth of meaning of an altar is not established by some unknown mystical force. It can be as light or as serious as the creator wishes. The creation and use of a personal spirit altar is not necessarily sacrilegious or iconological worship. While some may use the altar for worship it is perfectly acceptable to place certain statues or representations of deities or other items to serve as a reminder of some important attributes that the creator wishes to emulate or to invoke particular energies into the creator's life and space.

There are many reasons to create a personal spirit altar. Among them are: Read more

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