Saturday, February 28, 2009

Diddy Twitters about Tantric sex

College Candy reports that Diddy Twittered about his newfound love for Tantric sex.
So, Diddy Twitters. Which comes as no surprise, since he is the most narcissistic man around. He also likes Tantric Sex, which I learned after reading his latest Twitter: Diddy is "Having tantric sex!!! I feel so much better!!! Thank you"

Diddy tends to overshare (we already know the guy likes Brazilian waxes…on himself); that I know. What I didn't know was why his new choice of sex made him feel good enough to use exclamation points. He just doesn't seem like an exclamation point kinda guy. I mean, the man doesn't smile!

So, what's the deal with Tantric sex? Read more


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer Lawless said...

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