Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yoni Art

Illustrator Christina Camphausen has published a book intended "to assist in restoring the Yoni to her rightful and original place of honor, and to induce everyone to regard her with respect, to recognize her beauty and magical power."
Taken from ancient Sanksrit, the word Yoni refers to vulva and womb and better describes femininity than its clinical counterpart (vagina) or its sensational pornographic variants. In a medium were photographic and/or pornographic ideals flourish, a book devoted to the Yoni can only be a positive step.

Illustrator Christina Camphausen has published 49 illustrations, based on real life models who either provided pictures or allowed Christina to photograph their most intimate area, in a hardbound book titled Yoni Portraits: The Intimate Art of Christina Camphausen. Read more

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