Friday, February 20, 2009

Tantric Breathing Exercise

David Mott at Dad's House attended his first white Tantra session on Valentine's Day. Here's what he experienced.
When it was time for the couples’ tantric breathing exercise at my Valentine’s Day beginners white tantra workshop, I paired myself up with the woman I shared the most chemistry with. Even though we were total strangers before that night, we felt at ease in each other’s presence. To top it off, she was attractive. A new-age hottie, for sure.

We sat on the floor with knees raised, leaning back on weird chairs that supported our backs. (A couch or pile of pillows could have sufficed.) The chairs were side by side, allowing us to face each other. We were told to place our right hand on the other’s heart chakra, and our left hand on the other’s right hand, making a circuit with our arms. The way we sat enabled us to rest our right arm on the other’s bent right leg. It was quite comfortable, if you can handle having a stranger’s palm in the center of your breast.

Next, we gazed into each other’s eyes, and did tantric breathing in unison. The effect was entrancing. Read more

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Russell said...

Sounds good! I might try it on my new friend Dotty (see