Monday, May 4, 2009

6 Steps to a Tantric Orgasm

Does Tantric orgasm really exist? Not only does it exist (though it may not be what you imagined it was), but Maya Silverman guides you through the steps of reaching one.
Tantric Orgasm, tantra, tantric sexuality all conjure up images of the weird and wonderful, elastic limbed lovers, non-stop indulgence. Fortunately this is a misunderstanding of the Tantric Orgasm and Tantra as a whole.

Tantra refers to'expansion' of the conscienceness, and tantric sexuality and tantric sensuality refers to rituals, massage and practices which focus the mind, heighten the senses, deepen intimacy, increases pleasure, stregthens the intensity of orgasm, boost multi-orgasmic potential, and promotes mind shattering bliss. Sexual energy is awakened and channeled throughout the body.

The tantric orgasm is a subset of this powerful experience, a mini-supernova which forms the foundations for this divine experience.

Ok now how to get some of that divine juice? Read more

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