Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does the Venus Butterfly Guarantee an Orgasm?

The Venus Butterfly is supposed to guarantee a woman an orgasm and to increase both physical and spiritual closeness between partners. At least, this the promise, but does the technique actually work in practice?
The Venus Butterfly. It made its debut on TV legal drama LA Law, when— during the 1986 Thanksgiving episode—script writers Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher referred to a mysterious sex technique that guarantees a woman endless, repeated climaxes. The day after Thanksgiving the media was buzzing with talk of the trick, and every loving couple across the nation was wondering how to do it. But hey, it's just an urban myth, right?

Maybe... maybe not. Ever since that fateful day, sexologists, therapists and writers have made attempted to define this holy grail of sex acts. So does it exist? And if so, does it work? Read more

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