Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's the Best Method of Penis Enlargement?

To some people, especially many women, penis enlargement may seem to be a solution is search of a problem. Penis size is only one of several factors contributing to sexual satisfaction for women and is almost never the most important one.

Yet, after over two years online, my post 6 Penetrating Positions for a Small Penis still consistently ranks as one of my top posts. I also regularly get emails from men concerned about their penis size. Often, they ask what the correct way to measure a penis is. They seem to hope that their own measurements were done incorrectly and that there is another way to measure which will reveal that they are actually average-sized or even large compared to other men.

Frankly, as a woman I'm sometimes tempted to tell these men to grow up and get over it, but I know that really isn't fair and certainly isn't an answer to their perceived problem. Many women are just as self-conscious about their breast size as any man is about his penis size and just as convinced that all their relationship problems would be solved if they only had bigger breasts.

Many women choose to have breast augmentation surgery done to increase their breast size. Is there a safe and effective method to enlarge the penis? Svetlana Ivanova discusses natural penis enlargement and reveals why she's convinced that penis enlargement exercises may be the answer for some men:
... Does natural penis enlargement really work? I can't speak directly from personal experience, lacking the equipment to do so. However, I know that penis enlargement exercises work for at least some men because a former lover – after I commented of the size of his penis – confessed that he had used them to increase his penis size an inch and a half. I can't think of any possible reason for a man to say that unless it were true. Read more


Blazintommyd said...

Based on my own past experience - I think the reason this interests men so much is for the same reason the article attributes only to men - viz., men do not work their cock enough, they don't exercise and care for it and thus the same is true for many women - they do not exercise and work their pussies (1) maybe they did not recover from pregnancy (2) some women get very wet and it seems that their vagina is too large and thus he penis seems too small and (3) some women are just lazy and want the guy to do everything. The Kama Sutra has a section about Lingum and Yoni size which is interesting -the women needing the largest cock are noisey snore have peculiar toes and are referred to as cows: some of which I have observed as true or at least coincidentally true none the less interesting which led me to the conclusion that people ought to be more sexually active in finding the right fit rather than mindlessly fucking, just doing it for the high of the orgasm or as it's some duty and obligation. There truly are all different sizes of both. To me girth beauty and curve are the most important attributes

Jennifer Lawless said...

I agree completely, especially with number three. Learning this technique makes penis size "largely" irrelevant.

Blazintommyd said...

I was lucky, but never knew how lucky until later: because the women I had as my 1st Lover could do this and I never had another woman since whose power in this regard was or is anywhere near as strong. When this is combined with Love ... man knows of no better drug >:D

David aka Mr. Manpower said...

I know for a fact that penis enlargement is not a topic that is discussed much, so men don't exactly spread the word about that type of thing. They don't want anybody thinking that they had a small penis, so they looked to a solution, and found it.

I personally don't have that shame. I've gained about 1.35 inches to date from a natural penis enlargement routine.

I write a blog on this, check out my last entry on the topic:

"Penis Enlargement before-and-after photos: Proof that you can make your Penis Bigger"

Blazintommyd said...

O Good heavens Mr. Manpower I have all I can do to keep mine comfortably tidy in my v string pouch already

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, naturally for a woman who's not obsessed with size, I think the average works just about right. However, there are others that demand that a man has at least bigger than average penis size (at least 7 inches?) in order to satisfy the woman. I know from experience. You can read about it at Penis Girth Enhancer.

Pete said...

This is an interesting discussion, Jennifer. I have personally gained almost 2 inches from a natural penis enlargement procedure I started 3 weeks ago. There are loads of safe and naturalpenis enlargement methods. No pills, patches or chemicals used.

James Taylor said...

I also supported you.
Is penis enlargement solutions helps for the persons age more than 45 years??????