Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tantric Responsibility

Sexologist Gayle Michaels says the practice of Tantra is about combining orgasmic energy in a synergistic manner, and that, in order to do this, two people must first blend their energy fields prior to having sex.
Tantra is similar to mantra meditation, only your sex partner is your mantra. As with meditation practice, the more attention you choose to concentrate and focus on your partner, the more benefit you will receive from practice. Commitment and dedication to the practice is necessary to attain maximum benefit from a Tantric practice.

A piece of your essence, your life force energy, is transferred to your Tantric partner when orgasm occurs during sexual intercourse. If your Tantric partner has an orgasm with somebody else, without first closing the Tantric circle and returning your essence, some of it will be transferred to the new lover. And if the new lover, then has an orgasm with someone, your essence will be transferred along to that person, and so on. Tantrikas call it "leaking energy" when people share their sexual essence unconsciously in such a manner.

People who are truly practicing Tantra, share their orgasmic energy exclusively and selectively, with others who are committed to containing and protecting the orgasmic charge. They understand the importance of closing the Tantric circle and returning orgasmic essence to the source of origination, before spending orgasmic energy with anyone outside the Tantric circle. Read more

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