Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sex Is an Energy-Centered Act

Joseph Ghabi says that the popularity of sex websites is reaching an all-time high because our understanding of sex and sexuality is all wrong.
More and more often these days we are seeing so many different sex websites and the popularity of these sites is reaching an all time high! This is because our understanding of sex and sexuality is all wrong! It is not only an act in itself between two people. It is not just for reproduction. Ideally sex it should more open that people should be at ease to talk about and express their own feelings rather than suppressing them. Sex is individual, shared between two people and it is also the act of opening our sexual energy. In reality sex is a major opening for us to learn more about ourselves on different levels.

Sex is an energy-centered act and what I mean by this is, when two souls become involved a relationship of growth together, sex becomes the main source of exchanging their energy with each other. Read more

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