Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tantric Fantasy Meditation

Rose Dawn Scott explains how to use Tantric fantasy-meditation to lift sexual arousal to new heights, serving as a connective agent from physical longing, to spiritual longing; from physical release to cosmic release.
Everyone is familiar with fantasy; most people have direct experience with it, either masturbation or during lovemaking itself.

The Tantric concept of fantasy is not so simple as conjuring up images in one's mind of *hot babes* or *studs*--and (groan) it takes lots of practice. This practice should be begun after attaining at least a fair degree of control over breath, mantra, and meditation. It involves visualization-- imagination on a mundane level, but raised to such a level that it becomes truth. And ('nother groan) this type of fantasy-meditation should be undertaken by the beginner alone and without any direct sexual stimulation.


A simple beginning exercise has been prescribed and handed down directly through generations of Tantric spiritual teachers and their students; a description follows:

Sit in Padmasana (full lotus) or lie on the back, arms at sides, palms turned up, as in Savasana (corpse pose). Breathe fully and deeply, blowing out all stale air, drawing vital prana in and down, expanding first the abdomen, then the ribcage, and finally the throat; then releasing the breath in the opposite manner. Concentrate the mind completely on each body part in turn. Tense the body (contraction), then relax completely (expansion). One the body feels harmonious and at ease, be still, slow the breathing, and focus on the mantra of your own breath-pattern. Read more

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