Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Benefits of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

Does Tantric sex have any benefit beyond sexual pleasure? Robert Frey says it does.
Having taught a blend of traditional and modern Western Tantra for nearly twenty years, I am well aware of the many benefits available to its students and practitioners. From my experience and perspective it is much more than a non-essential luxury item. In response to common curiosity about Tantra, here then is an overview of some of its most notable benefits.
  • Tantra, the ancient sacred approach to sexuality, has much to offer modern men and women. Tantric teachings are both a spiritual approach to sexuality and a sexual/sensual approach to spirituality. As such we can learn to use our natural sexual energy to enliven and heighten our spiritual awareness. Also Tantra offers a well-developed spiritual orientation to sex­uality that is based on respect, honoring, openness, and love.
  • Tantra offers easy, effective, reliable methods for medi­tat­ing, quieting the mind, and reaching positive states of consciousness. These methods often work well for Westerners who either haven't been able to learn to meditate or who are beginners. Tantric meditations utilizing breathing, undulation, and energy awareness, especially when coupled with sensual or sexual arousal, have been measured to consistently pro­duce alpha and theta brain wave shifts more significantly and rapidly than any other traditional or non-technological tech­nique. Read more

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